“Find a Way”

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Find a Way”
completed on 4.26.12

you agree to see me
choose to go against the flow
and do something that’s unknown
to see where this could go

i would love to lead with my heart
but this isn’t the part
of my life where i get to worry
about finding my future wife

i’m running but there’s always a part of me
that feels so empty
hope there’s not a price to pay
for fighting for a better way

i love the things i show
that make you glow
i wish we had more time
being with you shouldn’t feel like a crime

i don’t want to grow old
to find myself in a world so cold
i will fight to make you mine
but you have to give me time
for our love to truly shine

please believe the things i say
don’t let everything we have fade away
one day we will have it all
making these struggles seem so small

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