“Cycles (You Can Change Them)”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Cycles (You Can Change Them)”
written on 6/21/09

there are people with phd’s
that would tell me i’m crazy
they have theories to calculate everything
but they’ll never quantify your effect on my heart

earth has its cycles and seasons
but there is nothing about you that’s routine
all their laws and rules can’t explain
the intricate ways that you move me

day after day used to be the same thing
trapped inside a tidal wave always pulling me into the lonely sea
until your energy washed over me

i never had much faith in science
’cause it never focused enough on the heart
they can’t diagram or map out
how you make my life exponentially better

the seismograph is moving
to every beat of your heart
it’s an earthquake of compassion
that shakes me to my core

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