Posted: September 11, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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written 9.11.11

he stares at you
but only looks skin deep
he talks to you
like you’re his property
he holds your hand
but just to keep you within reach
he tells you he can do better
because he can’t comprehend the gem that he’s got

he likes you better wearing makeup
while i admire the sparkle in your eyes
he drools at the thought of you in a bikini
while i just want to see you smile
he cares more about what he gets
while i would do anything for you

the only thing i want from you
is for you to believe in yourself
the only thing i’ll take from you
is the joy you bring to my life
the only thing i’ll tell you
is i’m always here to cheer you up

i see your inner beauty
i watch the passion in your eyes
i look past what’s on the surface
’cause i care more what’s in your heart
i’ll be part of your foundation
’cause i want to build your self-esteem up

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