“My Apology”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“My Apology”

i took it as a game
i was never mr. popularity so now it’s my turn to shine
it wasn’t love or lust
it was for a short-lived thrill
but it’s always kiss and tell

’cause in my life
i’ve tripped up
it’s so easy to mess up
but I’m not excusing any of it
i guess this is my attempt at an apology

walking past you without acknowledgment
i never meant to be ill-intentioned
i ignored your heart
and now I wish
i never would have crushed you
i hope it didn’t take long to get over me


but now I’ve changed
i’ve cleaned up my act
i’m back to the way I was meant to be
nothing but chivalry
but all’s not fair in love and war
the past always comes back to haunt you
the rumors spark
and now I’ve got more than one girl hurt
please know that I’m so sorry


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