“Memory Box”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem

“Memory Box”
written on 12/28/05

lying restless in my lonely bed
the answers aren’t so clear
my purpose seems beyond my grasp
and I’m left here with a half empty glass
but then again so is my soul

flipping through a stack of cards
with compliments and warm regards
only half are still intended
what would you say now to the things you have written?

she wants my pictures locked up in a memory box
but the memories still feel too warm to me
i can’t let go of the past
it’s always bittersweet to look back
why must I forget the things that once made me smile?

i’m haunted by fleeting thoughts of things that once have been
would I feel at rest if I could store everything in a heartless box?
but things aren’t so simple
when there’s smiles and telephone calls
a daily reminder of what used to be

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