“Love and Emptiness”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Love and Emptiness”
written on 10/3/06

“paint me a love song”
but the colors aren’t right
the sadness is smearing what love really is
with all of my emptiness
i can see only black and white

like a used battery i’m not what i used to be
i’m missing that spark that charged my personality
i swore to never let my spirits become broken
but there’s no greater distance than between love and emptiness

when all of your friends have found someone special
it’s just one more reminder thrown in your face
even the brightest lamp slowly burns out
when there’s no one there to take care of the flame

i want to fight off the wind on my own
there really shouldn’t be any problem with being alone
but secretly i pray that a beautiful girl
will rekindle my flame before the wick burns out

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